The Manifesto

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There is a humanity famine in the current way we do business.

We are living in a world drowning in an ocean of fake, useless content lip-synched by an army of synthetic faces.

A cacophony of disruptive technologies bombards our limited time and attention with absent entertainment, no education, no value.

Everywhere I see, cathode-ray screens force-feed us clickbait articles, listicles, banners, and pop-ups that have been consumed and regurgitated thousands of times.

I just can’t help feeling pinned against a wall of this ecosystem of permanent destruction.

And to this, I say: Fuck that. I won’t have it.

As creative thinkers and doers, my clients and I have the power to change the world.

It’s time we use our creative magic to create relevant content that solves problems, improves lives and makes the world a better place.
I will endeavor to build better businesses in a way that connects their audiences with the content and stories they care about.
It’s as simple as that and as complicated.

Great ideas can come from anywhere. 

I will always encourage my clients to free the ideas trapped inside their heads. To share them and see where they lead, but more importantly, to listen to the people around them.

The idea you’re looking for is out there, waiting to be spotted, shouting at you:

Come on! Come and get me!” Capture my mystery!” 

Stay Alert.

I will look into the future and not dwell on the past.

I’m fully aware that my clients will probably come into our engagements with their own strategies, their own traditional old school marketing. That’s okay. Whatever the project, I’ll do my best to educate my clients and give them the unapologetic honesty that keeps present the end goal: creating magic for the audience.

I will enjoy the ride and embrace the unexpected.

This is an ongoing experiment in a fluid world. If I’m not consistently learning and having fun at what I do, I will remember that it shows in the caliber of my work. I will rotate and balance the work that I do for my clients so I can keep the content exciting, fresh, and full of surprises.

I will endeavor to be seen as the strategist that I am.

I will discover new things every day and find ways to challenge myself.  I will spend time everyday learning, growing, and developing new techniques. I’ll actively try new things and make these connections for myself.

“Have you noticed that this… looks like this?”

And as I share them, I will empower others to do the same.